YouTube Will Offer Original Content In More Countries

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YouTube will Offer Original content in More Countries. Video website YouTube will produce and offer new original content in multiple countries. That has mother company Alphabet Inc. let them know.


That is how the company wants to attract more paying customers. Also, have been made videos in the United States and South Korea.

YouTube is now also making its videos in France, Germany, Japan and Mexico.

The part of the site that customers need to pay is available to see on Youtube Premium. Some videos come on the open part of the site.

The company is working on multiple types of programs, such as documentaries, series and talk shows. Susanne Daniels, head of the Original Content department,

 says that the projects are made in local languages and receive subtitles for the rest of the world.

“We concentrate on markets that we think many potential new subscribers live,” says Daniels.

Series in India and South Korea previously presented many new subscribers.

Daniels said that in the coming weeks more would be known about the new series.

The first original series from YouTube was the children’s series Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force in 2016.

The series won an Emmy. “We are not currently working on new children’s series, because we do not get new subscribers,” Daniels explains.

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