What Are the Main Backpacking Attractions of Pattaya in Thailand?

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If you plan on backpacking in Thailand, then it is a good idea to search up all the great attractions that you can visit before you begin your trip. Pattaya is ever so famous for its amazing parties and delicious street food.

If you ever plan on backpacking Thailand, then you must pay a visit to Pattaya. There are several attractions in Pattaya that you should go to while you are backpacking in Thailand.

Places to visit in Pattaya while backpacking Thailand

Here are all the famous must-visit places in Pattaya if you want to have a remarkable journey.

1. Big Buddha Hill:

Big Buddha Hill, also known as WatPhraKhaoYai, is the best tourist spot in Pattaya as it showcases a gigantic statue of Buddha, placed 100 meters above the sea level at a hill. The Big Buddha Hill is 18 meters high, and you can see the entire city from one side and the Jomtien Beach from the other side. You will also find many small statues and bells here.

2. Art in Paradise:

If you are backpacking Thailand then you cannot miss visiting ‘Art in Paradise’ which is also called ‘The parody of Pattaya’. It is not one of the typical art galleries that you see everywhere. Instead of roaming around in the art gallery, the art is brought to life, and you can click several pictures from every angle.

3. The Floating Market:

The Floating Market is undoubtedly the best place that you can visit while you are in Pattaya as you can see several vendors selling their goods on traditional boats or canoes. One of the reasons why people prefer backpacking Thailand is because of its great food stalls, art, handicrafts, souvenirs, etc. so if you are in Pattaya, then you must shop at The Floating Market.

4. Jomtien Beach:

If you want an escape from the city when backpacking Thailand, then what place better to go than Jomtien Beach? After spending some tiresome days exploring Pattaya to the fullest, you can finally take some time off and relax at the Jomtien Beach with your loved ones. The best thing about this beach other than its calmness and fresh air is that you can find a wide variety of restaurants and shacks full of mouthwatering Thai cuisine for you to enjoy.

5. The Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan):

There is no doubt that The Buddha Mountain is the most visited place in Pattaya. Khao Chi Chan is the most massive stone that engraves Buddha outlined with a golden laser. This large engraving of Buddha is 109 meter high so you can look down from this hill on other attractions such as Silverlake and have a humbling experience.

There are many other fantastic budget-friendly places to visit in Pattaya, including the sanctuary of truth, which is a temple that showcases the importance of religion, philosophy and art in human development.

You can also check out the NongNooch Village, which has a considerable orchid garden. Don’t forget to click pictures of the amazing places you visit when backpacking Thailand as it always feels fantastic to look back to the memories you make.

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