Wall Street Starts Changing Day By Day

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The US stock markets are also looking for the right direction again on Thursday. Investors are selling their tech stocks that have recently appreciated sharply because they fear they have become too expensive.


Instead, they put their money into companies that have been hit hard by the corona crisis. They can actually benefit significantly from the expected recovery now that the world is slowly returning to its normal state through vaccinations.

That recovery is currently still faltering, according to the most recent figures for US aid applications. They unexpectedly went up again. Investors are also looking forward to a speech by Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell. This may speak of investors’ fear that further corona support from US politics will lead to high inflation.

In the opening minutes, the Dow Jones index advanced 0.4 percent to 31,383 points. The broadly composed S&P 500 gained 0.1 percent to 3823 points, and tech exchange Nasdaq fell 0.4 percent to a level of 12,949 points.

In terms of companies, Apple is in the spotlight. The iPhone maker is now also being investigated in the United Kingdom for abuse of power. The stumbling block is the mandatory use of Apple’s payment system for companies that want to offer their App Store programs. Apple rose a fraction.

US oil became 1.5 percent more expensive at $ 62.20 a barrel, and Brent oil rose 1.7 percent in price to $ 65.19. The euro was worth 1.2039 against $ 1.2070 a day earlier.

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