Venezuela Shows Imprisoned American on Television

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Venezuelan state television has shown a video of an arrested American allegedly participating in an attempt to arrest President Nicolas Maduro.


Luke Denman, 34, says he was assigned to secure an airport near the capital, Caracas so that Maduro could be taken away.

Venezuelan authorities arrested Denman, American Airan Berry and 11 other “terrorists” earlier this week. This happened in an alleged attempt by mercenaries to invade the land by the sea.

The group is said to have been detained in the coastal city of Chuao, approximately 60 kilometres west of Caracas Airport. Authorities have shared photos of a boat that would have belonged to the group. It had weapons and ammunition on board.

In the video, Denman answers questions that are asked in English by someone who is not in the picture himself. He says he and Berry worked for Jordan Goudreau, a former military man with a Florida security company.

Among other things, the Americans had to train Venezuelans in Colombia for the operation and also come along themselves. Denman says he believed he was helping Venezuelans get their country back.

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