US Supreme Court to Trump: 650,000 Immigrants Can Stay for the Time Being

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The U.S. Supreme Court has narrowly ruled that the DACA or Dreamer program that allows young migrants to live and work in the U.S. cannot be abolished as President Donald Trump wants.


That is a significant defeat for the President in an election year.

The decision was taken 5 to 4 members of the Supreme Court, a very narrow majority, but a valid one. Conservative chairman John Roberts voted along with the progressive chief justices, so he forced the decision.

In his argumentation, Roberts writes that the decision does not mean that the program works properly, but that it runs according to the legal provisions.

The Trump administration’s decision to abolish the program is what Judge Roberts calls “arbitrary and capricious.”

The government can make a new attempt to abolish the DACA program, but this will no longer be possible before the elections of 3 November.

In concrete terms, the statement means that at least 650,000 young migrants may stay in the US and work for the time being. The Supreme Court decision is a significant setback for President Trump in an election year.

After all, Trump had made migration – especially the blocking of it – a point of contention during his election in 2016. Now he suffers a severe defeat just at that point.

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