US: PKK Terrorists Behind Dead Turkish Hostages

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The United States holds Turkish Kurdish PKK terrorists responsible for the deaths of Turkish hostages in Northern Iraq. Washington emphasized this after the Turkish regime in Ankara accused the Americans of supporting the terrorists in Iraq.


Turkish President Erdogan’s wrath followed the recent execution of 13 Turks kidnapped by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Turkish troops say they found the executed Turks in a cave where they had been killed before the military approached. The PKK disputes this lecture and claims never to harm prisoners.

In Erdogan’s eyes, the Americans gave a ridiculous and regrettable statement for not immediately supporting Ankara’s reading. He had the American ambassador in Ankara called out. Later, American foreign minister Blinken spoke of PKK terrorists as those responsible for the murders.

The PKK operates from northern Iraq and is an ally of the Kurds, who control northern Syria. During the Syrian Civil War, the US saw in the Syrian Kurds a crucial ally in the fight against the reign of terror that Islamic State jihadists had established in northern and eastern Syria.

In 2017, President Trump’s then-administration went on to arm the Kurds in Syria, much to Erdogan’s chagrin.

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