US Parliamentary Committee Wants to Prosecute Trump Adviser Bannon

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The House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6 storming of the Capitol wants to prosecute a former adviser to former President Donald Trump for “contempt of Congress”.


Steve Bannon, the former adviser in question, has refused to testify in Congress about his role in the storming.

Bannon was Trump’s chief adviser in his first year as US president. He would have been aware of possible violent protests on January 6. For example, a day earlier in his podcast, he said that “all hell will break loose tomorrow”. The storming came after a speech by Trump in which he accused Democrats of “stealing” the election victory.

For his refusal to testify in Congress, Bannon invoked “executive privilege,” which means that a president or former president is not required to disclose information to Congress. However, according to the committee, that privilege does not extend to advisers to a president.

The commission’s decision to prosecute Bannon has yet to be ratified by the House of Representatives. Since the Democrats have a majority there, the latter seems only a formality.

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