US House of Representatives Gives Green Light to President Biden’s $1,900 Billion Social Plan

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In the US, the House of Representatives has approved a massive investment plan from President Joe Biden. The plan includes measures for social equality, health care, education and the fight against climate change and is a pillar of Biden’s domestic policy.


It still has to go to the Senate, and approval there is not certain.

It took a lot of effort, and the vote was postponed for weeks, but this afternoon 220 members of the House approved the plan against 213 votes. One Democrat voted against all Republicans, but Democrats have a sufficient majority to approve the plan. Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy delivered a speech that lasted more than eight hours yesterday, but that didn’t stop the vote.

The approval is a victory for President Biden, but the plan has yet to receive the green light in the Senate and success is not assured. There is a stalemate there of 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, and – in theory – Vice President Kamala Harris can decide with her vote. The problem is that not all Democratic senators are on the same page and thus could potentially block approval. Among others, Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia is said to have quite a few doubts about the law and has voted with the Republicans in the past.

The “Build Back Better” plan will cost $1,900 billion over several years and is a final piece of President Biden’s domestic policy. What’s more: it should be a turning point in American history.

The proposal includes a large number of social measures to reduce inequality in the US. For example, there is support for the elderly, health care, childcare, education, but also measures to combat climate change. For progressive Democrats, it’s a turnaround to help the less fortunate in society and reduce inequality. However, Republicans consider the plan an electoral stunt to win votes and waste taxpayers’ money.

Congress recently approved another major plan from President Biden, with the participation of a large number of Republicans. That plan included $1,200 billion in investments in infrastructures such as bridges, energy, roads and railways, and broadband internet. Earlier in the year, Biden also received a major support plan to deal with the consequences of the corona crisis by Congress.

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