Unlikely Microsoft Will Close the Deal to Buy TikTok

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Microsoft is unlikely to reach a deal with TikTok owner ByteDance for the sale of its US operations.


Instead, the Chinese company wants to challenge US President Donald Trump’s decision to impose a ban, Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post writes based on insiders.

ByteDance is not only preparing for legal action, but also for a PR offensive. The company does so after it was increasingly criticized in its own country that it too quickly accepted the impending ban.

In addition, Microsoft made a far too low offer for the activities in the United States and three other English-speaking countries, the insiders say in the newspaper.

They estimate that the odds of a deal are no higher than one in five and say Microsoft’s offer was comparable to “robbing someone while their house is on fire”.

The chances of Twitter buying TikTok would be even smaller. That social media company would “simply not have enough money”. TikTok was valued at $ 50 billion before Trump’s measure.

Trump has ordered by decree that TikTok is banned in the US in mid-September unless the US branch is sold by then.

According to American politicians, the popular video app collects too much data from its users, and it could just fall into the hands of the Chinese government, they think.

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