Twitter Removes Ayatollah Ali Profile After Threats Against Donald Trump

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Twitter has removed one of the profiles of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader. Khamenei posted a tweet online that allegedly called for an attack on former US President Donald Trump.


The account isn’t the only Twitter profile of the Iranian leader: he also has several other accounts in multiple languages.

The tweet in question showed a digital image of a man on a golf course, who bore very strong resemblances to Trump, as a shadow of a warplane or a large drone flew above him. “Revenge is inevitable,” the caption read.

Several twitterers took offence at the tweet and would have personally tagged the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey in the message, the British broadcaster BBC reports.

“How is it possible that this horrible psychopath can openly call for the murder of a former US president, and not get kicked off Twitter?” Said one of the outraged reactions, according to BCC.

Khamenei’s tweet and full account have since been removed, but screenshots of the message are still circulating on Twitter. Former President, Donald Trump’s account, was removed by Twitter in the Capitol storming wake.

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