Trump Rejection to North Korea Summit Irritates Business Partners

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Trump’s rejection of the North Korea summit irritates America’s partner in Asia. Singapore is disappointed, South Koreans protest – only Japan sees the situation as an opportunity, reports The City News Journal.


Singapore officials had made a noticeable effort. A few hours before US President Donald Trump cancelled the city-state summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, they sent out a detailed, four-page planning document to journalists.

They explained the accreditation process, customs regulations for transmission technology and how reporters can book leads for their live coverage. A media centre should be there as a workplace for the allegedly hundreds, if not thousands, of journalists reporting on the historic meeting.

However, Singapore officials were well aware that their elaborate preparations could be in vain: their efforts should not be seen as confirmation that Trump’s and Kim’s meeting would take place, they told the correspondents.

When Trump confirmed this premonition with his open letter to Kim, the country nevertheless expressed disappointment: “Singapore regrets that the planned meeting will not take place,” the Foreign Ministry announced in a concise statement.

However, possibly unpaid preparatory work should not be the only reason for Singapore’s dissatisfaction that the North Korea summit failed before it even started. The initially unsuccessful turmoil surrounding the meeting of the two heads of state confronts the region with new uncertainty.

After the brief rapprochement between the Americans and the regime in Pyongyang, further hostilities threaten. Besides, detuning triggers Trump’s unilateral decision. The Asian allies of the US learned from the media of the summit cancellation.

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