Trump Hands Over Tax Returns to Manhattan Prosecutor After Months of Legal Battle

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Former US President Donald Trump has submitted a series of tax returns to the Manhattan prosecutor in New York.


This ends a legal battle between the Public Prosecution Service and Trump’s entourage. The tax returns allow the prosecutor to continue his investigation into possible Trump fraud.

The Manhattan prosecutor has long been conducting a criminal investigation into “extensive and protracted criminal behaviour” at the Trump Organization, the former president’s family business. Trump faces prosecution for falsifying corporate records, insurance and tax fraud.

Among other things, the prosecutor requested eight years’ worth of tax returns, both personal and those of Trump’s company. Trump’s entourage fought a legal battle for over a year, not to release it. At the beginning of this week, the US Supreme Court dismissed an ultimate appeal from Trump’s lawyers and ruled that Trump must hand over the documents.

The investigation by the prosecution in Manhattan is not the only thing that hangs over Trump’s head. Numerous other investigations are underway against him about financial fraud and his alleged role in the storming of Congress early this year, and sexual abuse charges.

Whether it will ever be brought to trial in one of those cases is as yet unclear.

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