Trump: G7 Meeting Can be Held in the White House

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If it were up to US President Donald Trump, the G7 meeting would be ‘just’ held with him in the White House in June. For the time being, the coronavirus meeting is being held through a video link.


Trump hopes that is not necessary.

“It looks like the G7 is going to take place,” Trump told reporters on Thursday.

According to the president, the meeting, where world leaders from seven major industrialized countries discuss major economic issues with each other, may “mainly” take place in the White House.

“But a portion can also be held at Camp David,” said Trump. That is the country residence of the US President in Maryland.

The G7 includes Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States.

In March, the leaders of those countries also ‘met’ via an online connection. Then the countries agreed together to fight the coronavirus and the economic problems.

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