Trump Calls Xi Jinping About Trade War: ‘Great Progress Made’

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Trump Calls Xi Jinping about Trade war: ‘Great progress Made.’ US President Donald Trump states he had “a long and good telephone conversation” with the Chinese president Xi Jinping about the trade war.


That’s what Trump says on Twitter on Saturday.

“The negotiations are going very well, and if we reach an agreement, the deal will be comprehensive, covering many topics,” the US president twitters.

The two countries have been linked in a trade war since the summer.

Meanwhile, the Americans have imposed import duties worth 197 billion pounds of Chinese products.

As a counter-reaction to the trade war, China has so far imposed import duties on almost 87 billion pounds of American goods.

At the G20 summit in Argentina, the two countries took a break of 90 days in which no new import taxes were introduced.

The states believe in reaching a trade agreement in that period.

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