The World is Full of Gretas – Obama Praises Young Climate Activists

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The hot phase of the mammoth meeting begins with the second week. A week after Joe Biden, Barack Obama is now also speaking at the UN climate summit. Watch the speech of the former US President here.


“You have the right to be frustrated”: Former US President Barack Obama praised the youth’s commitment to climate protection at the UN climate conference in Glasgow. Obama named several young activists, including the German Luisa Neubauer.

At the world climate summit, former US President Barack Obama praised the commitment of young people to the fight against global warming. “The world is full of Gretas,” said Obama on Monday in Glasgow with a view to the “Fridays for Future” founder Greta Thunberg. This is because most of the energy in the fight against global warming comes from young people. “The reason is clear; for them, the most is at stake.”

“You have the right to be frustrated,” Obama said to the youth. His generation has not done enough to tackle the problem of climate change. Obama named several young activists, including the German Luisa Neubauer.

At the same time, he admitted that not all young people would have the time and inclination for a comprehensive commitment, such as Neubauer or Thunberg, who initiated the form of protest of the school strike. “When I skipped school, it had nothing to do with climate protection,” said the ex-president with a wink.

US President Biden came to the climate summit in Glasgow with Air Force One. The aircraft is a special version of a Boeing 747-200B and has a capacity of 70 passengers and 23 crew members

But it can also make a difference on a small scale, such as voting, added Obama. “Vote as if your life depends on it!” He appealed. Governments only acted when they felt the pressure.

Young people could also try to influence their parents and grandparents. “I’m sure they’ll listen to you more than politicians and experts,” said Obama. “That is the power that you have. Use them. “

Obama called for the states particularly affected by climate change to be heard. “They send a clear message: If we don’t act now – and act boldly – then it will be too late,” Obama said in Glasgow on Monday.

The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement would not have come about if small island states and poorer countries had not taken the floor and made their stories audible.

“We haven’t done enough,” admitted the ex-president, who described himself as an “island child”. Obama was born in Hawaii. It must now be ensured that promises for more climate protection will also be kept.

“We’re not even close to where we should be. And the consequences of this slow action are becoming increasingly clear. “The Paris Agreement was always intended as a starting point, not an endpoint, said the free-speaking Obama, who praised the great commitment of young people to climate protection:” If I was 16 years old. Year old skipped school, and it had nothing to do with climate change. “

The challenge of reaching the 1.5-degree target is great – and it will be even greater due to the misinformation and propaganda on social media. But humanity did too

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