The New iOS 14 Will Work On All Devices With iOS 13

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Anyone who owns an iPhone or iPod touch that currently runs iOS 13 operating system will also be able to update to iOS 14 later this year.

Compatibility data for Apple’s next mobile operating system is said to come from a leaked early version of iOS 14.

It would mean that all iPhones from the 6s (including the original iPhone SE) as well as any iPod touch from the seventh generation are eligible to come for the update.

For the iPhone 6s, 6S Plus and the iPhone SE from 2016, it is according to The Verifier the last important iOS update that the devices will receive.

It is not yet known when iOS 14 will be released.

Apple is expected to unveil the operating system this month, at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 22. This event will be exceptionally digital this year, due to the corona measures.

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