The Lawsuit Against Trump for Conspiracy to Attack Capitol

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A civil suit has been filed against former US President Trump for conspiracy. The chair of a US parliament committee wants Trump to be prosecuted for storming the Capitol parliament building.


The House of Representatives’ Homeland Security Committee leader, Bennie Thompson, also wants to take legal action against lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who worked with Trump. The Democrat has accused the two Republicans of conspiring with far-right groups Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. They took part in the attack on January 6.

Thompson relies on a law created after the American Civil War to combat violence and intimidation by the far-right Ku Klux Klan. He has filed the complaint as a citizen.

Therefore, it is the first civil suit against the former president in connection with the stampede on the Capitol, the US news channel CNN reports. The move comes days after the Senate acquitted Trump of instigating an uprising.

Thompson points to statements and tweets made by Trump in the months leading up to the storm to accuse Trump and Giuliani of mobilizing their supporters to attack the Capitol.

They wanted to prevent parliament from confirming the victory of Trump rival Biden. The barely used law allows civilians to take steps against those who use “violence, intimidation or threat” to prevent anyone from exercising their office.

A Trump adviser immediately responded to the new charge. According to him, the former president was not guilty of inciting violence or conspiring to incite violence.

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