The ECB Does Not Come Up With Extra Support Despite Tighter Lockdowns

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The European Central Bank (ECB) sees no reason to increase its support measures in the increasingly strict lockdown measures in Europe.


Interest rates are being maintained at deficient levels, and the bond-buying program is not being expanded further.

ECB president Christine Lagarde will come later in the afternoon to explain the new interest rate decision.

Last time, in December, the ECB policymakers decided to give an extra boost to the money press.

At the time, they considered it necessary to further support the eurozone economy because of the new lockdowns that had been announced in many European countries.

Interest rates in the eurozone have long been meagre. Savings interest rates at banks, for example, have fallen to lows.

The housing market situation, where low-interest rates drive up house prices, is also becoming dire. Furthermore, the low-interest rate affects the performance of pension funds and insurers.

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