The Coronavirus Has Now Also Appeared in the Gulf of Yemen

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The coronavirus has now also appeared in the Gulf of Yemen. A bloody war has been going on in that country for five years.


Almost all hospitals have been bombed to death. But the consequences of the corona epidemic are also extra severe in other conflict countries.

In Yemen, there is first official contamination with corona. The man worked in the port of Ash Shihr. That port is now closing for a week to be disinfected.

Dockworkers have to stay at home for two weeks. Curfew has been instituted throughout the region. The World Health Organization says it will closely monitor everything with the Ministry of Health and will check all contacts of the sick man.

Corona hitting Yemen is a nightmare for aid organizations. The country has been ravaged for five years by a bloody civil war that has become a regional conflict.

When the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels took up arms in 2014 and captured the capital, Sanaa, Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners came to the aid of the government. They carried out bombings that destroyed almost all schools and hospitals.

More than a hundred thousand civilians died in the battle, and the bad sanitary situation has also led to famine and cholera. (read on under photo)

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