The Agreement Reached on Compensation for Victims Harvey Weinstein

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Women harassed and assaulted by American film producer Harvey Weinstein will soon be able to receive compensation through a $ 19 million fund.


The attorney of the state of New York reports. Several lawyers call the agreement “very unfair” and announce that they are vehemently opposed to it.

Two judges approved the deal: the judge overseeing the liquidation of the Weinstein Company and a federal judge in New York.

If the deal is ratified, the federal lawsuit against Weinstein and the lawsuit filed in February 2018 by the New York Prosecutor against the former Hollywood producer will come to an end.

“After all the intimidation, threats and discrimination, these victims will finally see justice,” said the New York attorney.

The lawyers representing six of the women who have brought charges against Weinstein to call the proposed deal a “full sale.”

Lawyers Douglas Wigdor and Kevin Mintzer said the settlement was “very unfair” to their clients and other women who would not have the right to bring claims against Weinstein and others in court.

“We are shocked that the Attorney General is in favour of this unfair and unfair proposal, and on behalf of our clients, we will strongly object to the court,” Wigdor and Mintzer said in a written statement.

Weinstein has been serving a 23-year sentence for the sexual assault and rape of two women in New York for a few months. He has yet to appear in a lawsuit surrounding similar allegations in Los Angeles.

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