Tesla Must Temporarily Stop Cutting Trees to Build Its New German Factory

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Tesla must temporarily stop cutting trees where the company wants to build its new German factory. Nature associations suspect that underground snakes are hibernating.


Local authorities have requested Tesla to temporarily suspend operations due to the possible presence of these hoses. Tesla announced last year that it plans to build a “Gigafactory” in Grünfeld, in the east of Germany and near Berlin.

According to the plans, it should be ready by mid-2021. Among other things, the production of the Tesla Model Y, a compact SUV, for the European market is housed there.

To realize the factory, trees must be felled. This had already started, but it is suspected that several specimens of the “smooth snake” are hibernating.

It is also suspected that the sand lizard hibernates there. Cutting down trees could endanger the animals.

The local population has previously criticized the car manufacturer. Residents feared that the factory would use a lot of water. Tesla has therefore committed to reducing its future water consumption significantly.

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