Taliban Dig A Tunnel to the Army Base and Kill Ten Soldiers

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Ten soldiers were killed in an attack by the Taliban on a military base in Afghanistan. According to an army spokesperson, the attackers dug a tunnel below the military base, after which they exploded their explosives.


At the time of the explosion, 18 soldiers were present at the base. Ten of them died, four others were injured. The four remaining soldiers have successfully chased away the Taliban.

In the meantime, the Taliban have also officially claimed the attack.

Negotiations for peace between the Taliban and the United States were resumed at the beginning of this month. The US wants the Taliban to promise to reduce violence in Afghanistan. Ultimately, that should lead to a permanent file.

The US special envoy for Afghanistan is also trying to make direct conversations possible between the Taliban and the Afghan government. The Taliban have always refused these conversations because they do not recognise the Afghan government.

In September, the Taliban and the US seemed close to an agreement. US President Trump would then start bringing back thousands of soldiers from Afghanistan. But the Taliban then committed an attack in the capital, Kabul, whereupon President Trump promptly ended the months-long negotiations.

About half of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Taliban.

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