Sweden Demands Negative Corona Test From All Foreign Travellers

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Sweden will soon require all foreign travellers to carry a negative corona test. In addition, more and more countries in the European Union want to be vaccinated and cured travellers to be tested for the coronavirus.


The tightening of the policy will take effect on December 28 due to the many corona infections worldwide and the advance of the omikron variant. On the same day, Finland also introduces mandatory testing. That neighbouring country announced the measure on Tuesday.

According to the Swedish government, it no longer matters from which country a traveller comes. The test obligation does not apply to nationals, residents or border traffic. All other travellers must have a negative test result of no more than 48 hours of age, except for children up to and including 12 years of age.

This measure has already been introduced by EU countries Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Austria, Cyprus and Latvia. The government in Denmark also wants foreigners to have a negative test result with them when they enter, but the rule has yet to be approved there.

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