“Spotify Is Working On Simultaneously Playable Playlists For Friends”

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“Spotify is Working on Simultaneously playable Playlists for Friends.” Spotify is working on the ‘Social Listening’ function, where friends put together a playlist and listen to it at the same time.


Spotify has been enabling users to share a playlist for some time.

The live aspect distinguishes social Listening:

users hear the same number at the same time, and if one user switches to the next number,

 the rest automatically switches along.

The function is similar to that of Turntable.fm,

 a short-lived start-up that let users listen to the same song together, and vote for which song was next.

In the current test form, one user must scan a QR code from the other to listen in shared Listening.

It is not clear whether the music with Social Listening is perfectly synchronised between different users.

For the time being, the position only appears to be available for Spotify employees.

Social Listening was discovered in the Spotify app code by Jane Manchun Wong,

 who often finds functions that have not yet appeared in apps.

“We always test new products and experiences,

 but we have nothing to say at the moment,” a Spotify spokesperson said.

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