Sonos Supports Dutch Google Voting Assistant From July

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Sonos Supports Dutch Google voting Assistant from July. The smart speakers from Sonos can use the Dutch-language Google Assistant from July, according to the reports.


The audio manufacturer had already tested support for the Google Assistant for some time.

The company’s speakers previously worked with the Amazon voting service Alexa for users in the United States.

Sonos will start rolling out the Google Assistant for American customers on Tuesday.

From July the voting service will be available for customers in the second wave of countries, including the Netherlands.

It is not known precisely on which day in July the voting assistant will be introduced in the Netherlands.

The voice assistant works on the Sonos One and Beam.

A Sonos spokesperson cannot tell whether it is possible to use the English-language Google Assistant in the Netherlands from Tuesday.

“in the Netherlands, Sonos is waiting for Dutch-language support,” the company said.

Answering questions from users
The voice assistant can answer user questions.

The assistant works the same as, for example, the Home, a smart speaker from Google itself.

The Sonos Beam soundbar can also operate televisions via the Google Assistant.

It makes it possible, for example, to adjust the volume.

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