Severe Penalties in Hong Kong Security Law for Terrorism

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The new Hong Kong security law passed by the People’s Congress of China lays down severe penalties for terrorism, undermining central authority and striving for independence.


China could face a life sentence for this. The law went into effect immediately on Tuesday and also applied to people who are temporarily staying in Hong Kong.

Details of the controversial law can further sharpen relations between China and the international community.

Internationally, the adoption of the Hong Kong security law has already been very critical and concerned.

The European Union, the United Kingdom and Japan, among others, have criticized the law, which critics say China wants to muzzle pro-democratic demonstrators in Hong Kong. The United States has already taken measures against China.

The US has begun to scrap Hong Kong’s special status under US law. The export of arms and high-tech to China and Hong Kong has also been halted.

A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry announced that China would take countermeasures.

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