Samsung Is Going To Sell A Smartphone With Android Go

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Samsung is Going to sell a Smartphone with Android Go. Samsung has announced its first smartphone with Android Go. The modified version of the Android operating system is specially made for low-specification phones.


The new Galaxy J2 Core includes a cheaper processor and 1 gigabyte of memory.

The phone has 8 gigabytes of storage space.

The device has been specially developed for the Indian and Malaysian markets.

The cost is still yet to know, but the ordinary Galaxy J2 with better specifications costs about 76 pounds.

The Core version is probably cheaper.

Android Go assures that the installed apps require less mobile data and memory.

Some apps have also been modified for countries with less good reach.

With YouTube, for example, it is possible to download videos using Wi-Fi.

In October for the first time, a smartphone with Android Go was sold by Alcatel.

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