Sam Smith Does Not Want To Be Called “He” Anymore

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Sam Smith Does not Want to be called “He” Anymore. Sam Smith asks whether everyone can no longer label him a “he”.


The singer, who already indicated to be non-binary earlier this year, would prefer to be addressed as ‘them’ or ‘them’, Sam says on Friday in a series of candid tweets.

“Today is a good day, so here it goes.

I have decided to change my pronouns into them / their.

After so much of struggling with my gender, I have decided to accept myself as I am, inside and out “said the singer.

“I am happy, and I feel privileged to be surrounded by people who support me in this decision.

I was extremely nervous about announcing this news because I usually am too concerned about what people think of me but fuck it. “

Sam understands that not everyone will immediately accept his wish.

“But please try. I hope you will see me as I see myself now.”

The singer says he is not yet able to talk extensively about what it means to be non-binary.

“But I can’t wait for the day that I am.

For now, I want to be visible and open.

If you have questions or wonder what all this means: I want to explain it as well as possible.”

“I love you. I’m terrified, but now I feel super free.

Be nice,” Sam concludes.

In March, 27-year-old Sam said that ‘them’ had been struggling with ‘their’ identity since ‘their’ youth.

The singer even considered a sex operation.

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