Ryanair Transports More Passengers In July Despite Strikes

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Ryanair Transports more Passengers in July despite Strikes. Ryanair transported more passengers last July compared to the same month the previous year.


It is striking because the airline was severely affected by strikes by its employees and actions in air traffic control in several European countries.

The Irish prizefighter welcomed 13.1 million passengers on board his planes in July, and that meant an increase of 4 percent on an annual basis.

The aircraft was as packed with an average occupancy rate of 97 percent as a year earlier.

Up to July, the number of passengers for Ryanair increased by 7 percent to 133.5 million passengers.

Ryanair staff in several European countries have repeatedly put in work to implement better working positions.

All in all, the actions and bad weather meant that more than a thousand Ryanair flights failed in the past month.

Nearly 200,000 travellers suffered from this.

Also, 23 flights were cancelled year earlier for various reasons.

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