‘Revelations Panama Papers Have Already Generated’

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‘Revelations Panama Papers have already generated more than 854 million pounds worldwide.’ Three years after the first publications about the Panama Papers.

overnments have already collected more than 854 million pounds in fines and back taxes, according to the reports on Wednesday.

In the United Kingdom, with 192 million pounds, most of the additional taxes and fines were collected.

In France (104 million pounds) and Australia (70 million pounds), the tax authorities have already obtained substantial amounts.

In the Netherlands, up to December last year,

a total of 6.8 million pounds in additional taxes and fines was collected based on the leaked data.

The Tax and Customs Administration found 683 Dutch stakeholders in the documents.

The amounts collected are likely to increase further in the coming period.

There are still hundreds of investigations in progress resulting from the revelations about the Panama Papers.

The Panamanian legal advice firm Mossack Fonseca & Co.

For many years, clients set up companies in countries where their assets or property are hardly taxed, so-called tax havens.

In principle, this is not illegal, but the tax havens are fit for unlawful practices,

such as evasion of taxes and dealing with bribery, because of their anonymity.

Many famous people mentioned in Panama Papers
In April 2016, around 400 international journalists published for the first time on the large-scale tax evasion of politicians,

business people, artists and top athletes worldwide.

The documents included Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson,

Saudi King Salman, footballer Lionel Messi and former footballers Clarence Seedorf and Michel Platini.

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