Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have Resigned from the Royal Family

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have resigned from the royal family and live in Los Angeles. COLOURFUL reveals the background of the Megxit.


His family was always holy to Prince Harry (35). He married in a royal guard uniform and loved to represent the British royal family.

As the Queen’s favourite grandson, he enjoyed more freedom than his brother William (37), his cousins and his cousin.

Elizabeth II (93) was, therefore, not only surprised by the Megxit but also profoundly dismayed. Most of all, how Harry announced her leaving the royal family: in an email from her vacation in Canada.

Harry and Meghan (38, born Meghan Markle) smashed a lot of royal porcelain. But why did they break almost all bridges behind them? Because their own family betrayed them!

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