President Trump Sends Federal Law Enforcement to Kenosha

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President Trump has announced that he will immediately send federal law enforcement officers to Kenosha, Wisconsin, “to restore law and order.”


Trump says he wants to end the looting and anarchy decisively.

In the city of about 100,000 residents on Lake Michigan, fierce riots have broken out following the shooting of a 29-year-old black man by police officers.

The man had apparently wanted to calm an argument between two women and while walking back to his car got into trouble with officers, one of whom shot him several times in the back.

He is seriously injured and is in danger of being primarily paralyzed. It is still a mystery why the officer opened fire on 29-year-old Jacob Blake. His three small children were witnesses in the back of the car.

On Sunday, this led to large-scale protests and looting in the city, with spontaneously formed civilian militias also taking to the streets armed to protect people and property. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, two people were killed and one wounded in shootings.

Police have arrested a 17-year-old young man in the adjacent state of Illinois in connection with this, local media reported.

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