PayPal Closes Accounts Of Right-Wing Grouping Proud Boys

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PayPal closes Accounts of Right-wing grouping Proud Boys. Payment service PayPal has several accounts that are connected to the right-wing grouping Proud Boys.


Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, among others, was removed from PayPal, according to the reports. Various anti-fascist groups also excluded from the platform.

The payment service interrupted because of the promotion of “hatred, violence and other forms of intolerance”.

Also not permitted according to the rules of PayPal. With the refusal, it becomes more challenging for the groups to raise money online.

Members of Proud Boys were present in 2017 during the protest in the American city of Charlottesville.

A dead fell. Various accounts of Proud Boys members were halted from Twitter in August.

PayPal already broke in September with the controversial intrigue thinker Alex Jones and his website InfoWars.

In a statement, PayPal stated it had decided because the company found “incidents of hatred” and “discrimination against certain communities and religions” on the Infowars website.

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