New Evacuations for Lava on La Palma: More Than 700 People Have to Leave Their Homes

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On the Canary Island of La Palma, between 700 and 800 people again have to leave their homes for an approaching lava flow from the volcano Cumbre Vieja.


However, 3,000 others, who have had to lock themselves in their homes since last night for fear of toxic fumes, are allowed to go outside again.

Over the past weekend, part of the Cumbre Vieja volcanic cone collapsed, releasing large blocks and starting new lava flows. Unfortunately, the lava now also threatens a new inhabited zone.

The lava flows slowly. 700 to 800 residents of the village of La Laguna have until the early evening to collect some belongings and leave their homes with their pets.

Depending on how the situation evolves, they can return home in the coming days to collect other items, accompanied by people from the security services.

Earlier today, 3,000 residents of the villages of El Paso and Los Llanes were told that they could go outside again. The previous night and morning, they had to stay indoors, with their windows closed, to avoid breathing in toxic gases released after the lava destroyed part of a cement factory.

Since the Cumbre Vieja eruption started more than three weeks ago, 1,186 buildings have been destroyed. Nearly 7,000 residents have already had to be evacuated. However, most were able to visit friends or relatives in other parts of the island or stay in hotels.

Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on September 19, the first time in 50 years. In recent days, the eruption has intensified, with repeated explosions vomiting magma into the air.

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