Navalny’s Palace Video Costs Putin’s Approval

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According to a survey, every fourth adult Russian has watched Alexei Navalny’s video “A Palace for Putin”. For some, attitudes toward Vladimir Putin have deteriorated.


One expert sees this as a great success for the Kremlin critic.

According to a survey, Russian President Vladimir Putin has lost approval after serious corruption charges by his imprisoned opponent Alexei Navalny. Almost three weeks ago, Navalny’s team published a highly acclaimed unveiling video accusing Putin of building a massive palace on the Black Sea from bribes.

In 17 percent of people who know or at least have heard of this film’s content, attitudes towards Putin have deteriorated as a result, according to a representative survey by the Levada opinion research institute published on Monday.

The majority of people (77 percent) did not change their Kremlin chief’s image with the clip. According to the survey, more than every fourth adult Russian has watched the video entitled “A Palace for Putin”, which has now been viewed over 110 million times.

The proportion was exceptionally high among young people. A further 42 percent of those questioned had not seen the film themselves but said they were familiar with the content or at least had heard of it.

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