Long Lines at English Airports Due to Staff Shortages

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British media reported that travellers at Manchester and Birmingham airports queued for hours on Monday due to staff shortages. Some of the travellers queued outside for the security check.


Due to the crowds, several travellers have missed their flights. Manchester Airport staff are said to have given travellers at risk of missing their flight permission to leave the queue and use a particular queue that prioritises them.

Sky News reports that chaotic scenes also took place at several airports in the country last month due to staff shortages. The shortages are caused by corona infections among employees of airlines and airports, who are already struggling to fill vacancies after staff left earlier during the pandemic.

The industry association for British airports (AOA) says its members should try to hire more staff as soon as possible. “Airports are preparing for this for some time,” the top woman said earlier about the increasing number of travellers. “But during peak times, passengers may not have the flying experience they are used to.”

Other airports in Europe, including Schiphol, are also faced with a shortage of personnel. As a result, according to a study by ACI Europe, a European trade association for airports, the majority of European airports expect more flights to be delayed this summer.

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