Lamar Odom Confirms Relationship With Sabrina Parr

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Lamar Odom confirms Relationship with Sabrina Parr on Instagram. Lamar Odom officially made his relationship with personal trainer Sabrina Parr on Instagram on Saturday.


The way the ex-husband of Khloé Kardashian did this, however, did not appeal to fans of the reality star.

The 39-year-old Lamar shared a quote from Malcolm X as a tribute to his new sweetheart.

“It’s just like when you have coffee that is too black, which means that it is too strong, what do you do? Then you add milk.

But if you add too much milk, you don’t even know that you have coffee are drinking,

 “was part of the quote that the former basketball player concluded with the hashtag #BlackRoyalty.

Fans of Kardashian interpreted this as a sneer to the reality star, to the disappointment of Lamar.

He wrote a new post on Instagram in which he explained that his earlier post was meant to honour dark women in general and not to offend his ex.

“That post was no offence to anyone, nor to my ex-wife for whom I still have a lot of respect.”

Lamar and Khloé married in 2009 after a one-month relationship.

The couple split up after four years, but the divorce was not official until 2016.

Although the former sportsman cheated on their marriage and struggled with addictions, the break was friendly.

In June, Lamar thanked Khloé on Instagram for all his support shortly after his autobiography was published.

“Congratulations Lammy! Keep it up,” she responded.

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