Justin And Hailey Are Going For A Religious Wedding

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Justin and Hailey are Going for a Religious Wedding. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin go for a traditional and religious ceremony at their second wedding.


That’s what Hailey’s father Stephen Baldwin tells.

“Many of their Christian friends and befriended priests will be there,” said the actor,

 who is given only one task: “I just have to take my princess to the altar.”

According to him, the entire Baldwin family is looking forward to the wedding party.

“We are looking forward to it, and it will be a fantastic party.”

For Justin and Hailey, faith is essential, and they get a lot of support from it.

Justin said earlier on Instagram that he is still going through a difficult time, but that God is helping him through it.

“God is dragging me through a difficult period.

Having faith in Jesus during your worst times is the hardest thing there is.”

The wedding is expected to take place on September 30,

 two weeks after Justin and Hailey celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

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