Just Eat Takeaway Preys on American Food Delivery Company Grubhub

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Meal delivery company Just Eat Takeaway is said to be interested in the American industry colleague Grubhub.


News channel CNBC reports based on insiders that the Dutch-British company has expressed its interest with the Americans.

The German Delivery Hero would also like to take over Grubhub.

Tech company Uber Technologies, best known for the taxi app but also for delivery company Uber Eats, would have previously reported. Those parties are also said to be discussing joining forces.

Grubhub faces wafer-thin margins due to increased competition from industry peers like Uber Eats. The scale is necessary to resist those problems.

Grubhub is currently priced at around $ 5.7 billion. There would be virtually no competition concerns about an acquisition by a European party.

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