Judges Have Also Reprimanded France for Not Achieving Its Climate Target

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The French government must tighten up climate policy. According to the judge, the government is now not doing enough to achieve its objectives.


This is evident from a provisional judgment of the court in Paris, in a case brought by environmental organizations.

According to the judge, the French government has made mistakes and is at fault. “The state has done less than it has promised and is partly responsible for some of the environmental damage”, the verdict said.

France wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. However, various studies have shown that this target is difficult to achieve with current policy. The judge asks the government for clarification.

President Macron and his ministers are given two months to prove that their policies meet their own 2030 targets. If they fail to do so realistically, the French court can force the government to take more measures.

“This verdict is a first conquest for the climate and a huge step forward in French law,” the environmental organizations said. “We hope that the judge will not stop at the conclusion that the state is inadequate, but will force the state to take concrete steps.”

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