Japan: Evacuation of 300,000 People Due to Hurricane

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Japan urges over 300,000 people to leave their homes on Wednesday as the Krosa storm approaches the archipelago. Airlines have cancelled hundreds of scheduled flights due to the approach of the storm, the public broadcaster NHK reported.


With a wind speed of just over 100 kilometres per hour, Krosa is a severe tropical storm and just not a typhoon, Weeronline reports. There are warnings about waves of ten meters, heavy rainfall and mudflows.

The evacuation advice applies to 310,000 residents, and about 350 flights scheduled for Thursday were cancelled, NHK reported.

During the 24 hours on Thursday, the Japanese meteorological institute expects up to a meter of rain in Shikoku, the smallest of the four largest islands of Japan.

Last year, more than two hundred people died in torrential rains and floods in parts of Western Japan.

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