Iran Has Three Times More Corona Deaths Than It Admits

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Iran provides incomplete figures on the number of deaths from the country’s coronavirus. There are said to have been three times more deaths than the Iranian government admits, according to a study by the BBC’s Persian Department.


An Iranian whistleblower reported there. This morning, in an unrecognizable voice, he commented on the official documents which he had provided to the BBC and which confirm existing suspicions of tampering.

Until July 20, nearly 42,000 people with corona symptoms appear to have died in Iran. Much more than the more than 14,000 deaths reported by the Ministry of Health.

According to the complete data available to the British broadcaster, it also appears that in 28 days (until the first official recognition on February 19), 52 people had already died.

The lists on which the new calculations are based are very detailed and include daily admissions to hospitals across Iran.

It lists names, age, gender, symptoms, date and duration of periods spent in the hospital, as well as underlying conditions that patients may have. The data matches the files of some living and deceased Iranian patients whose data were already known to the BBC.

The anonymous whistleblower hopes to save lives by “uncovering the truth.” He also wants to put an end to the “political games” surrounding the epidemic.

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