Iran and US: What does Trump want to Achieve with War language?

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Via Twitter, US President Donald Trump last night warned Iran not to take revenge for the death of General Qassem Soleimani.


The United States has 52 Iranian targets in mind that they will attack if Iran attacks Americans or US possessions. What does Trump want to achieve with his impending language of war? America expert Björn Soenens explains.

Immediately after the attack on the convoy with which the Iranian top general had left the airport in Baghdad, Iranian leaders warned that the US could expect revenge attacks.

President Trump appears unimpressed and warned Iran not to do so through social media.

According to Trump, a list has been drawn up with 52 essential and strategic sites in Iran itself. “If Iran attacks an American target, we will hit back very quickly and very hard,” the president warned.

According to Trump, these are targets that are of great importance to Iran and the Iranian culture. “The US no longer wants threats,” he added in his tweet.

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