Hungary and Poland Block the EU Budget for the Rule of Law

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Hungary and Poland have lived up to their threat to freeze the EU multi-year budget and the corona recovery fund.


They voted against on Monday afternoon because, against their wishes, a majority of member states gave the green light to hold off recipients of EU money for their handling of the rule of law.

“Two Member States have expressed reservations about one element of the package,” said Germany, chairing the EU for these six months. “But not against the content of the agreement on the multi-annual budget.”

The two troublemakers are indeed Hungary and Poland, insiders confirm. Budapest and Warsaw had already announced their resistance once and again.

Due to opposition from Hungary and Poland, the ambassadors of the EU countries also disagreed on the plan for new European taxes to cover the new expenses. Just like the budget, this requires the support of all Member States.

Hungary and Poland have long been accused of making work impossible for critical journalists and independent judges. They complain that the EU has wrongly targeted them with the new rules.

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