Hiker Finds 200-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprints in Wales

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Footprints discovered by a hiker on a beach in the Welsh village of Penarth last year are about 200 million years old and may have been left there by a dinosaur ancestor.


The Natural History Museum in London announced this on Friday. It may be animals from the family of the Sauropodomorpha, long-necked dinosaurs of which the Diplodocus is the best known.

It concerns a trail of footprints about fifty meters long. Last year, hiker and amateur palaeontologist Kerry Rees discovered the trail on a beach in Penarth, Wales.

Experts from the Natural History Museum examined the prints and recently concluded that they have been there for 200 to 250 million years, dating from the Triassic period.

The prints are now documented using 3D images. The scientists have published their findings in the scientific journal Geological Magazine.

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