High Participation in the Ireland Referendum on Abortions

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High Participation in the Ireland Referendum on Abortions. The Irish decide if the strict prohibition of abortion should be relaxed. There is a high level of involvement. On Saturday the result should be available, says Town News.


A high level of participation characterises the referendum on the abolition of the strict prohibition of abortion in the Irish constitution. The public broadcaster RTÉ reported this. The government of Prime Minister Leo Varadkar called on the approximately 3.2 million eligible voters to vote for the removal of the eighth amendment, paving the way for more liberal abortion legislation. “It’s a big yes from me,” tweeted the PM following the vote.

Many people chose to go to work and wore the “I’ve chosen” plug. There were emotional appeals in newspapers. For example, in letters to the editorial board of the Irish Independent, “If we vote yes, every unborn child, willed and unwilling, will have zero rights,” a woman wrote. “I do not think the smart people of Ireland want this unrestricted abortion-on-demand law, and I’ll vote no.”

Proponents of easing the stringent laws welcomed Irish voters at the airport, who came especially for the vote from abroad. “Welcome home,” was on posters and “Thank you for this trip, so other women do not have to do it.”

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