Hackers Steal 10 Million Pounds From Israeli Crypto Dealer Bancor

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Hackers Steal 10 million pounds from Israeli crypto Dealer Bancor. Israeli crypto dealer Bancor has fallen victim to a digital squat. Also, according to the start-up, 10 million pounds worth of crypto coins were captured.


With emergency protocols, the company controlled to prevent the robbery of another 10 million pounds in cryptos from its own Bancor tokens (BNT).

The company says with dozens of crypto platforms to search for the stolen currencies. Also has to make it more hard for the thief to exchange the coins.

The value of BNT went down sharply on Tuesday at various cryptocurrencies.

Bancor was able to raise 115 million pounds last year with the first issue of coins.

In the first year occurrence, the Israeli start-up processed more than 753 million pounds in so-called token conversions. Furthermore, the company has introduced cryptocurrencies in Kenya.

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