Greenpeace Activists Climb Europe Building and Hang it with Banners

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Greenpeace activists have climbed the Europa building this morning in Brussels where European heads of government will meet later today.


The activists unfolded large banners with devastating flames and the “Climate emergency” message.

The leaders of the government are trying tonight to agree on striving for a climate-neutral Europe in 2050. This requires a revolution of the economic model in all Member States and will affect almost everyone in the coming decades.

So far, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are blocking this 2050 climate ambition. They want the EU to pay a large part of their changeover.

The Greenpeace campaign is well prepared, the lines on the banner correspond to the façade of the Europa building. The action is painful for the security guards of the building. This afternoon the European leaders meet there, their security is not guaranteed by the presence of the activists.

The police are expected to attempt to remove the activists from the façade, a difficult task. The building will then have to be checked again for the presence of explosives.

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