Google Tackles Controversial Log-In Functionality In The Chrome

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Google tackles Controversial log-in Functionality in the Chrome internet Browser. Google is going to update a feature in the Chrome internet browser after earlier this week the user has been making a complaint about the option that users log into Google services.


In the most up-to-date version of internet browser Chrome, users who log in to a Google service,

 such as YouTube, Gmail or Google Drive, are also automatically logged into the browser.

Google allows users of an upcoming version of Chrome the option to disable this option.

Users who log in to a Google service are then not automatically logged into Chrome.

The next version of the internet browser possibly released in October.

Google confirms users that logging into Chrome does not automatically mean that data is synchronised between various devices.

With this option, the bookmarks and internet history of a user are shared between for example a smartphone and computer.

Google adjusts cookie deletion
Google also uses cookies that ensure that users stay logged in to Chrome, and then delete them when users request it.

It is not the predicament in the current version of the internet browser; if users delete all cookies,

 they will remain logged into Chrome.

A cookie that ensures that users remain logged in to their Google Account,

 Automatically re-created if a user deletes his cookies while logged in with his Google Account.

That was the remark of the technical director of a German company that provides services for media companies.

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