Ghislaine Maxwell Wants to Pay $ 28.5 Million Bail for Freedom

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Ghislaine Maxwell, who is detained in a New York prison on suspicion of recruiting underage girls for sex with multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his entourage, has made another attempt to get out on bail.


The socialite wants to pay the judge in New York a bail of 28.5 million dollars to be able to await the lawsuit against her in freedom next year, American news channel ABC reports.

Justice has not yet responded to the proposal. Judge Alison Nathan is expected to respond to the offer within a few days.

Maxwell and her husband want to pay 22 million of the amount from their own resources. The rest comes from friends and people who support her cause. It was not known until now that Maxwell was married.

When she was arrested in July, she refused to say if and to whom she was married. British media say it concerns entrepreneur and environmentalist Scott Borgerson, with whom Maxwell already lived with before she was arrested.

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